CCTV Camera Package System

Posted July 2nd, 2010 in Product News by cctvmen.com

Connect with your current Bayantel, Destiny, Globe or PLDT broadband internet service and you will be able to enjoy this free feature.

No monthly fee or monthly subscription. Just pay one time any of our CCTV Surveillance Package.

All package come with free standard basic installation for Small Retail Shop like Convenience Stores, Boutiques, Kiosk, Ticketing Office, Flower Shop, Jewelry Stores, Pawnshops, Money Changers, Canteens, Auto Supply and Hobby Shops in selected cities, feel free to ask when you call. No site inspection required. Please note that our free installation is only a standard basic installation. Additional charges apply for any special installation request. Ex. Hiding of roughing-ins or cables inside the false ceiling or mounting CCTV cameras on a unreachable area or height. Conduit is not included.

Our current promo budget package:
Php28,000 (Php35,000) for 4 CCTV Camera Surveillance System
Php25,000 (Php32,000) for 3 CCTV Camera Surveillance System
Php22,000 (Php29,000) for 2 CCTV Camera Surveillance System
Php19,000 (Php26,000) for 1 CCTV Camera Surveillance System
*Monitor not included

The above package comes with one (1) year warranty on installation, basic user training and all setup, testing and commissioning.

Don’t forget to add a monitor to complete your package. Additional of Php5,500 for 16″ LCD Monitor.

The high quality 16” LCD flat screen monitor offers a high speed 8ms response time and high resolution images. Complete with stand, the monitor can also be wall mounted with the appropriate bracket. This is an excellent compliment to any DVR with a VGA output.

For outside Metro Manila installation, there will be additional surcharge for Transportation, Meal Allowance and Hotel Accommodations.

For corporate customers, please contact us for a site survey.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Valid for one (1) Time Single Trip installation in Single storey Residential House, Apartment & Small Retail Shop or Office. No site inspection required. Additional Charges for 2nd day installation.
  2. 4 x 18m pre-terminated video+power cable will be supply. More than 18m will be charge Php20 per meter plus Php500 per camera for Video+Power Balun. Ceiling height not over 3m.
  3. 12 months on-site warranty (Parts & Labor covered).
  4. Installation only available on Monday-Friday 10am to 6pm (No installation on Public Holiday).
  5. Roughing-ins or conduit is not included and for the account of client.

Additional Information

  1. Standard package comes with 500GB Hard Disk, approximately 10-12 continuous days of recording in high quality and resolution.
  2. For remote view over internet, a broadband internet connection must be available at installation site. The DVR is usually located near to the internet modem/router or at a location where wired internet connection is available.
  3. Display screen or monitor is not included. The DVR can be connected to TVs, LCDs or PC monitors. Additional 16″ LCD Monitor available at Php5,500.

How to Order

  1. Please contact us (email to sales@cctvmen.com your name, contact no. & address) to arrange a site survey of your place. We will discuss with you the detail requirements for the installation during the site visit.
  2. Full payment must be received upon confirmation. Delivery and installation date will arrange within 2-3 working days.

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